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The 1/8" MDF Raymar Panel is a museum quality painting panel for professional artists.

The Raymar Process:
With ten canvas & linen textures, Raymar has a panel to fit your painting style. We begin with the finest quality materials. We use a specially formulated pH neutral adhesive to bind canvas and linens on 1/8 inch or 1/16 inch MDF, a clean oil free board of uniform consistency. To ensure balance the reverse side is covered with Raymar's exclusive gray melamine backing to prevent unequal stress on the panel and resist warping. This results in a panel that is sealed on both sides for a permanent barrier against deterioration from environmental conditions and handling. Our attention to detail and made in America in-house process ensures every panel is of the same consistent high quality you expect from Raymar.
Conservators recommend painting on rigid supports. So start every painting with a Raymar Panel.

Please click on a 1/8" MDF Raymar Panel texture below to choose sizes and order:


Medium Landscape
Cotton Panels

Smooth Cotton
Portrait Panels

Oil Painting
Paper Panels

Fabriano Cold Press
Watercolor Panels


Claessens #15 Single Primed Linen PanelsClaessens #15 Double Primed Linen PanelsClaessens #13 Double Primed Linen PanelsArtfix L22U Double Acrylic Primed Linen PanelsArtfix L21C Single Oil Primed Linen PanelsArtfix L64C Quadruple Primed Linen PanelsArtfix L84C Quadruple Primed Linen Panels

Which RayMar Panel is right for you?

Detailed descriptions of the panel textures are available on each product page. Click on the text link to be directed to each product page to order.

Still not sure which panel is right for you? Click here to visit our samples page. Test out a 5" x 7" or 9" x 12" sample of each texture before placing your order.

Additional Products...

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