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RayMar is featured on Outdoorpainter.com in an article by Steve Doherty, the editor of Plein Air Magazine.

"Plein air artists realize they will be able to spend more time painting and get better results if they buy well made panels with the surfaces that suit their personal style. That's why they rely on RayMar panels and carrying cases..."

RayMar's new Feather Lite Panels are featured on American Artist's blog Artistdaily.com.

American Artist's Online Editor Courtney Jordan recommends our Feather Lite Panels to help lighten your pack when out plein air painting. She states, an "area to look into if you want to keep a light plein air landscape supply list is how bulky and heavy your panels are. RayMar has a new Feather Lite panel that is only 1/16th in. thick and weighs just a few ounces. Plus the back of the board is covered in gray melamine that, in a pinch, you could use as a palette or write plein air notes on light and color with permanent marker. Double duty - I love it. Scott Burdick actually turned me onto the RayMar panels..."

RayMar's 5th Annual Fine Art Competition is featured in the January issue of American Artist Magazine!!

After 5 years, we are proud to be recognized as one of the premier competitions in the art world.
Visit our contest website at http://www.raymarartcontest.com/ to enter and view the latest finalists.

This 5th Annual Competition Judges include:

Oct 2010 - Scott Jones
Nov 2010 - Marcia Burtt
Dec 2010 - Susan Lyon
Jan 2011 - Calvin Liang
Feb 2011 - Robert Lemler
Mar 2011 - Michael Gormley
Apr 2011 - Nancy S. Crookston
May 2011 - Kate Palmer
June 2011 - Aaron Westerberg
July 2011 - Barry John Raybould
Aug 2011 - Eileen Corse
Sept 2011 - Carolyn Anderson

Final Juror of Awards- Scott Christensen

Read the American Artist article below...


RayMar's new 6x8 Doublewide panel carrier is featured in the November issue of American Artist Magazine.

RayMar is featured in American Artist's Studios Magazine as part of the Well-Equipped Studio.
American Artist Studios Magazine