The RayMar Panel does away with the need to make my own panels. It's on my list of recommended materials.
~ Kevin Macpherson, customer since 1998,

I am addicted and don't want to use anything else! These are the strongest supports I have used and they do not warp at all.
I live in Santa Clarita a suburb just a little north of Los Angeles, basically the desert, the average temperature during the summer here is 90+ most summers the temp goes up to 110. A couple of years back during the summer when I was experimenting with different types of panels. I left a 16x20 RayMar panel in the back of my car. Like I said average temperature here is 90+ but inside my car it is much higher. That panel was in my car that whole summer. The RayMar panel did not warp and the linen did not become unglued or damaged from the heat at all. Warping is one of the biggest problems with linen mounted panels and the RayMar panel passed this accidental test with flying colors. I was pleasantly surprised.

~ Aaron Westerberg,

I count on RayMar supports for all my artwork, be it plein air, studio or larger scale museum and commission work. Their quality is unparalleled, they never warp, and with many surface choices, they have everything I need. The company such a pleasure to work with and always helpful, even rush orders. I also recommend their panel carrier for paint outs, transporting, workshops etc. When I paint overseas in Europe I can I carry it everywhere and can pack it right in my suitcase keeping my oil paintings separate and clean. Over the years my work might change... but my panel choice remains the same: RayMar.
~ Vanessa Rothe,

Once I tried RayMar's linen panels I've never had interest in stretched canvas again. I like that the panels are solid and have no give. That rigidity allows me to 'attack' the surface all with my choice of tools. Stretched canvas flops around too much and is easy to dent. It's a luxury to open a big pack of fresh custom made RayMar panels (I even like the smell) and I'm happy to get to work.
~ William Wray,

The RayMar Panel is strong, lightweight and very resistant to warping. With a choice of surfaces, you are sure to have a product that fits your style.
~ William Scott Jennings,
RayMar is a great company to work with. I use their fabulous panels every, single day. The surfaces are perfect to work on, right out of the box; they never warp (even as large as 30" x30"!); I don't have to worry about anything happening to them down the road; and best of all, they are affordable. The carriers are super cute and perfect for travelling. I recommend RayMar to all my friends and students.
~ Carol Marine,
I experiment with my palette colors and mediums, but my single 'must have' material is primed linen panels from RayMar. I really notice the difference if I try anything else.
~ Ed Terpening,
If you are seeking the perfect wet painting carrier, I highly recommend RayMar's Wet Painting Carriers. My first purchase from RayMar was approximately in the New Millennium year 2000. I am still using the same carriers that I initially purchased. They look the same today as they did then. I have six carriers. All purchased during the same time period. They crisscrossed the United States numerous times. Visited Maui several times and the Caribbean Islands. I made numerous trips to Sicily & Cote d'Azur carrying my wet paintings in RayMar's Wet Painting Carriers. As you well know elephants frequently stop on your luggage when traveling by air in the US or abroad.

Prior to using their carriers I was manufacturing my own lightweight aluminum carriers. Once I spotted RayMar's Wet Painting Carriers I never looked back. I ditched the old for the wonderful lightweight carriers.

I never had a painting destroyed while in the protection of these carriers. Not only do they stand the the test of time, they are very lightweight. It is easy to transport them with your work safely tucked inside. Protecting your work from the rain, dust, or snow is a breeze in these RayMar products. My Wet Painting Carriers are with me every place I paint while flying, backpacking on wilderness trips, hiking through the mountains, floating down the river, driving across the country you name it I have easily toted these gems. You'll never regret this purchase!
~ Morgan Samuel Price, customer since 2000,
No longer do I have to choose between weight and stability. The RayMar Feather Lite Panel is solid yet is half the weight. I am thrilled with this new innovation.
~ Eric Rhoads, Artist & Publisher,
Dear RayMar: I just love the new skinny Feather Lite Panels... Can't wait to take a trip to the french quarter with them!!! Your panels have really been a big part of the way I communicate. They are of the best quality and can be used in so many different ways! (The Feather Lites) are now part of my new plein air plan. Love you guys!
~ Mark Hemleben,
It's hard to imagine painting without RayMar canvas panels. I discovered RayMar when I was doing plein air landscapes, but I soon found that they are also the perfect surface for all my studio work. I love the different linens that they provide; the quality and variety are perfect for my subjects and style. The thin panels are lightweight, stable, take up less studio space then stretched canvas and make framing an easy task. When my favorite stretched canvas company went out of business, I despaired that I wouldn't have enough familiar materials for my work, but Cathy has made it possible that my favorite sizes can be custom ordered. RayMar has made it possible for me to concentrate on the work rather than to have to make panels or sacrifice materials. Thank you for what you do RayMar.
~ Flavia Eckholm,
The RayMar panel is a versatile and sturdy product. I use sizes ranging from 6x8 through 36x48 and have never experienced warping or separation. I am very pleased to know that my collector is receiving the highest of quality product. RayMar is always willing to work with me on meeting my schedule, and I consider them as part of the team. Finally, in one of those desperate moments while teaching a workshop, I realized the back side of the panel was useful as a portable palette.
~ Barbara Flowers,
The quality of RayMar Art panels are unsurpassed from my experience. A perfect surface for my landscape painting and abstracts. I love the fact that I can order custom sizes too and that I don't have to order a minimum amount to get the custom size. Customer service has always been top notch. Many thanks for a superb product!!
~ Cristie Love, Santa Cruz, CA
RayMar's Wet Panel Carriers are absolutely the greatest, lightweight invention for plein air painters!
~ Joey Burrough, customer since 2005,
I just want to say how thrilled I am to have finally found a panel that "takes a lickin" and stands up to the abuses that I can sometimes inflict on it! I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and I am always hiking, backpacking and mule-packing to my favorite places to paint. This panel stands up to the ravages of constant temperature and humidity changes, doesn't warp, and has a wonderful surface and feel to it when painting. When I'm camping in my little "paintmobile" I can just throw several different sizes of panels in their light and sturdy wet panel carriers, and I'm good to go! Thank you RayMar! You're the best!
~ Michele de Braganca,
I have been using RayMar panels exclusively for almost 10 years...I am addicted! The quality and consistency of the surface is wonderful. I use the smooth cotton and love that I can order custom sizes. It's a pleasure to work with the staff at Raymar. Without delay I recommend RayMar to all my students and painters I meet. Placing a fresh RayMar panel on my easel is step-one to good painting..and PS the Wet Panel Carrier is great too.
~ Ellen Gavin,

Canvas has always been my backing of choice for painting. That great push and pull quality made the process feel tactile and organic . Last on my list of choices was masonite or the wretched canvas board. But what should my wondering eyes appear, but the hard board masonite/canvas product from Ray Mar. How did I like this neo-hybrid, after being a lifelong devotee of cotton canvas? I loved it! So much so, that I've used it exclusively now for over a year. If you're looking for something new and special, I'm betting my #6 brush you just might like it.
~ Steve Rude, customer since 2008,

Although the surface is very smooth and I can move paint around on it easily, the paint sets up rapidly like it has a lot of tooth.
~ Ted Goerschner,

Finally, a truly professional canvas panel for the outdoor painter. The smooth texture of the Plein Aire Panel is particularly suited to my style of painting.
~ Charles Sovek (1937 - 2007),

I love RayMar panels. They are RayMarkable!!
~ Jack Warden

I have never been a fan of stretched canvas as I prefer the strength of a rigid surface. In the last few years I have struggled with a tremendous variety of canvas boards from all the major brands, (most of them not archival) and sometimes it was difficult to achieve the effect I wanted, it seems like some of those surfaces actively fought back. What a difference it makes when the canvas cooperates with you!
Having experimented with the sample pack, I can honestly say that RayMar boards stand head and shoulders above the crowd. All four surfaces accept any consistency of paint so easily that I am left with the feeling that the painting is creating itself with very little effort on my part. It is such a pleasure to work with these boards that for the first time I am enjoying the process of painting without being excessively anxious to get to the end result.
~ Donna K.