"Only the Finest" Sample Set [9x12]

"Only the Finest" Sample Set [9x12]

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For the artist who wants only the finest weave of linen.

This sample set includes three 9x12 oil primed linen panels curated for the artist that needs a fine weave linen for portraits and detail work. In this set you can test the finest linens we offer and compare two styles of oil priming, Claessens versus Artfix. All linens are exclusively for oil paint.

This 9x12 sample set includes:

  • (1) Claessens Belgian Linen Panel
  • (2) Artfix Belgian Linen Panels

For more details and surface images, click on the links in the descriptions below.

Claessens C13DP: fine weave linen with two coats of oil priming and a smooth surface that allows for greater paint manipulation. The oil priming tends to be slightly slick with little to no absorbency.

Artfix L64C: A favorite of top artists. This very fine weave linen is quadruple oil hand primed with Artfix's proprietary “lead-like” primer that has a unique absorbency that allows paint to bite into the surface and create luminous undertones.

Artfix L84C: The finest “handkerchief” linen, finer than L64C but with the same four layers of “lead-like” oil primer. This flawless, creamy surface achieves extraordinary depth of color and is truly the Rolls Royce of linens.

    All Artfix Belgian linens are hand primed in Provence, France.

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