Our Mission

We strive to create the finest quality art supplies that inspire and empower artists to bring their creativity to life.

Our panels are our passion. We craft our panels with the world's finest materials to serve as the foundation for your artwork. It is our privilege to partner with you and support your artistic career. Ultimately we hope our panels give you the confidence & tools to achieve your creative potential.
In your quest to share your creative vision, there is your paint and there is your brush, but it is your panel that ultimately records the lasting impression. So start every painting on a Raymar panel because...
Lasting Art Lives on Raymar.

Our Story

Passion led us here... Like many other brilliant ideas, Raymar started with humble beginnings in the family garage. Our story began in the spring of 1998 when Catherine Dietrich, a professional artist, and her husband John, an entrepreneur and lover of art, were inspired to fill a need in the art industry.

The idea came when Catherine enrolled in Ted Goerschner’s workshop at the Scottsdale Artist’s School. She was surprised at the supply list requirement to make her own canvas panels. The steps seemed laborious and time consuming when all Catherine wanted to do was paint. So John was given the task to make panels for Catherine and her artist classmates. They quickly realized a viable product was missing in the art materials industry. Catherine thought,

"Imagine all the frustrated artists out there!" And the idea for Raymar was born...

John consulted Ross Merrill, then curator of the National Museum of Art, to research and develop a professional, archival painting panel. Merrill indicated when the museum restored paintings they adhered them to a rigid surface to protect the painting from environmental stresses and prevent further damage to the paint film that would crack from periodic re-stretching. The advice of Ross Merrill was invaluable,

"Start a painting on a rigid support to ensure the longevity of your art."

Filled with research and driven by a desire to help artists, John and Catherine set about to produce their first professional panels. In the summer of 1998 Raymar was founded, named in honor of John's parents Raymond and Marion, who were a source of strength and creative inspiration.

Renowned artist, Kevin Macpherson tested the first Raymar panels and enthusiastically shared his discovery with his extensive network of art students. Kevin's endorsement helped launch Raymar. He continues as our mentor, close friend and product advisor.

"I made my own panels before I discovered Raymar, now placing a Raymar panel on my easel is step one to creating a great painting!"

Raymar Today...

In 2008, Catherine's daughter Emilie officially joined Raymar after John's unfortunate passing the previous year. Emilie took up the reigns to carry on her father's legacy and helped grow Raymar into what it is today. Together as business partners, Catherine and Emilie own and manage Raymar in Phoenix, AZ along with their dedicated staff.

We thank you for choosing our small family business to be your art panel supplier. We feel it is our privilege.

Happy Painting!
From our artist family,

Catherine & Emilie Dietrich