Out of Stock Notice

NEW UPDATES as of 2.3.2022 - Stock Shortages for our 1/8" MDF boards and Claessens Linen

We sincerely apologize that many of our popular panels are sold out. We have had major difficulty with our supply chain for both our 1/8"MDF boards and Claessens linen. But we have some good news as our boards should be restocked soon!


Claessens Linen - After waiting for months for our pallet of linen from Belgium, it was proclaimed lost. However, our pallet was just recovered and we just took delivery of it Feb 2nd! So now we are working quickly to produce all of our panels and should able to restocking panels on our website by the second week of February.

We want nothing more to supply you with our panels. We thank you for your patience and support of our small family business while we try to navigate this difficult time. You will have your precious Raymar Panels very soon!


Emilie and Catherine Dietrich