"I Want It All" Sample Set [5x7]

"I Want It All" Sample Set [5x7]

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For the artist who can't decide and wants to try them all.

This sample set includes ten 5x7 Raymar Panels, one for each painting texture we offer. It is a convenient way to test all of our cotton, linen and paper surfaces. 

This 5x7 sample set includes:

  • (2) Cotton Canvas Panels
  • (3) Claessens Belgian Linen Panels
  • (4) Artfix Belgian Linen Panels
  • (1) Oil Paper Panel

For more detailed descriptions & images, click on the links in the descriptions below.

Cotton Canvas (2)

56MC: A double acrylic primed, 100% cotton duck canvas with a medium weave, uniform texture. The absorbent surface grabs paint for an opaque effect.

23SC: Triple acrylic primed smooth cotton/poly blend canvas produces translucent effects similar to oil primed linen. Ideal for workshops.

    Claessens Belgian Linen (3)
    oil priming from Claessens is slightly slick with little to no absorbency.

    C15SP: Medium texture, irregular weave linen with a single layer of oil priming. Ideal for landscapes.
    C15DP: The same weave of linen as C15SP but with two layers of oil priming for a smoother surface. Ideal for landscapes or portraits.
    C13DP: fine weave linen (finer than C15) with two coats of oil priming and a smooth surface that allows for greater paint manipulation. Ideal for portraits.

      Artfix Belgian Linens (4)
      all linens are hand primed in Provence, France and have a unique absorbency.

      L22UA strong, tight all purpose linen with two layers of universal acrylic primer, more matte and absorbent than traditional “glossy” primers. Can be used with oil, acrylic, alkyd, egg tempera and casein.

      L21C: The same linen weave as L22U except with one layer of Artfix's “lead-like” oil primer. The primer acts like lead minus the toxicity and has a unique absorbency that allows paint to “bite” into the surface.

      L64C: A favorite of top artists. This very fine weave linen is quadruple oil primed with Artfix's proprietary “lead-like” primer for a creamy, luxurious surface and luminous undertones.
      L84C: The finest “handkerchief” linen (finer than L64C) with four layers of “lead-like” primer. This flawless surface achieves extraordinary depth of color and is ideal for portrait and fine detail work.
        Oil Painting Paper (1)
        58A: This 140lb, cold press paper is specially formulated for oil painting. It has a beautiful pebbled surface and a powerful oil barrier to absorb solvents while pigments remain on surface.