"Gimme Texture" Sample Set [9x12]

"Gimme Texture" Sample Set [9x12]

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For the artist who prefers oil primed linen with some texture.

This sample set includes three 9x12 oil primed linen panels curated for the artist that likes a little texture to their painting surface. Ideal for most landscape artists. In this set you can compare two styles of oil priming, Claessens versus Artfix. All linens are exclusively for oil paint. 

This 9x12 sample set includes:

  • (2) Claessens Belgian Linen Panels
  • (1) Artfix Belgian Linen Panel

For more details and surface images, click on the links in the descriptions below.

Claessens C15SP: A medium texture, irregular weave linen with a single layer of oil priming. The priming is slightly slick with minimal to no absorbency that allows for greater paint manipulation. Excellent tooth and texture for landscapes.

Claessens 15DP:
The same medium texture and linen weave as C15SP but with two layers of oil priming for a slightly smoother surface. Suitable for all painting styles from landscapes to portraits.

Artfix L21CA strong, all purpose linen that is hand primed in Provence, France with one coat of Artfix proprietary “lead-like” oil primer for the qualities of lead minus toxicity. It has a unique absorbency that allows paint to “bite” into the surface for extraordinary depth of color.