Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Paint Set
Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Paint Set
Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Paint Set

Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Paint Set

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Acrylic innovation for a whole new way to paint. This is Abstract.

Abstract by Sennelier is a high quality, fine art acrylic paint manufactured in France. These revolutionary acrylics are the result of three years of research by the Sennelier expert lab team and meets all the stringent quality demands that are a guarantee of Sennelier paint.

Sennelier's high pigment concentration gives the paint a creamy-to-thick or heavy body consistency with incomparable covering power and luminous transparency. The paint is a pleasure to handle with a brush, a palette knife or straight out of the soft pouch. 

Flexible packaging preserves the paint better because air cannot get inside the pouch. The paint will not dry out and there is no waste or air bubbles. Each pouch comfortably fits in your hand, is convenient for travel and is strong to stand up to pressure even if you accidentally set on it!

Ease of application onto multiple surfaces such as canvas, paper or panels. Abstract is very popular with both students and professional artists and is ideal for urban art, large murals or abstract expressionism. 

The Plein Air Landscape Set contains:

  • 5 colors in 120 ml (4 oz) pouches, including Mars Black (759), Titanium White (116), Primary Yellow (574), Primary Red (686) and Primary Blue (385)

The colors in this set have been chosen from Sennelier's Abstract Acrylics range of 60 colors. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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