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"Raymar's L64C panel is the most beautiful surface I have ever worked on."


Michael Harding
Oil Paint

The perfect compliment to a Raymar Panel

"The exquisite surface quality of Raymar’s new copper panel is a delight to paint on!"


Founded & owned by artists since 1998, Raymar is one of the leading producers of archival art materials. We source the world's finest canvas, linens and papers to craft our Aluminum, MDF & Gatorfoam panels. From professionals to students, artists of all skill levels rely on Raymar. So wherever you are on your art journey, there is a Raymar panel perfect for your painting style.


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Our finest surfaces on MDF, Gatorfoam or Aluminum.
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Painting Carriers
Our painting carriers protect & transport your art.
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Our Story

We are a mother-daughter family art supply business.

We strive to make the finest quality art panels that inspire your creativity and make it last though the ages. Ultimately, we hope to bring more beauty and meaning to the world through art.

Emilie & Catherine Dietrich
Artists / Owners

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