Wet Painting Carriers

Your art is priceless. Protect it in Raymar.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than a damaged painting after hours of work. Our wet painting carriers protect your art and safely transports it home. Constructed from fluted plastic, they are lightweight yet strong and water resistant.

Each carrier holds up to 6 paintings, two 1/8” panels back to back in a 3 slot molded track*. With an adjustable carrying strap and Velcro closing lid, your Raymar carrier is armed and ready to transport and protect your art.

2 styles of carriers:

  • Single width carrier - flat track holds panels of the same width. Ideal if you paint primarily in one size.
  • Multi width carrier - tiered track holds panels in 3 different widths. Ideal if you paint in different sizes.

    *Please note: if paintings are freshly painted, we recommend only one painting per slot. Carriers hold panels NOT stretched canvas.