Love for Raymar

We put our hearts and creative souls into everything we do, from crafting our panels to providing you exceptional customer service. But don't take our word for it, let our artist customers tell you why they love Raymar.

"The L64C quadruple oil primed linen is by far the most beautiful surface I've ever worked on."

- Quang Ho

Kevin Macpherson

Michelle Dunaway

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CW Mundy

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"I love everything about this linen, which feels silky to my touch. I even love the way it smells :)"

- Chris Saper

William Schneider

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Daniel Keys

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Stephanie Birdsall

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"My figure paintings are more lifelike and luminous on this surface."

- David Kassan

Matthew Bird

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Lori Putnam

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Jim Wodark

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"Raymar panels & carriers are a permanent fixture among my art supplies. I can always count on Raymar."

- Anna Rose Bain

Sadie Valerie

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Aaron Westerberg

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Grace Schlesier

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"My subject matter and I feel at home in front of a Raymar canvas."

- Kathie Odom

Morgan S. Price

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Vanessa Rothe

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Richard Lindenberg

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"The Dietrichs truly support the art community like no one else and that is very important to me."

- Mark Fehlman

Richie Carter

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Jordanne Weinstein

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"Raymar's painting carriers are absolutely the greatest, lightweight invention for plein air painters!"

- Joey Burrough

Carol Marine

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Michele de Bragança

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"I use Raymar panels because they offer the three things I look for in a painting surface: Quality, Service and Price."

- Bryan Mark Taylor

Davis Perkins

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Barbara Flowers

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Ellen Gavin

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"No longer do I have to choose between weight and stability. Raymar's Featherlite panel is solid yet half the weight."

- Eric Rhoads

Kirk McBride

Shop 56MC Cotton Panels

Mark Hemleben

Flavia Eckholm

"My 'must have' material is linen panels from Raymar. I really notice the difference if I try anything else."

- Ed Terpening

Charles Sovek

Ted Goerschner